Datorama as a Show-stopper in Campaign Analytics

Jomal Andrews and Vaishak E V


Datorama makes data integration look easy. Its native connections allow you to connect to a large number of marketing companies and can connect to any types of data source and data file. This allows you to have a unified source of information for more efficient reporting, better decision making and a greater control of the marketing performance. The real beauty of Datorama lies in the level of customization and flexibility it provides in Campaign analysis.

Datorama’s Data Model is what enables or fuels the customization of the data. A data model is an abstract flow chart that organizes the relationships among data. It points at what kind of information will be contained in the database. To make life easier, let’s just consider the Data model as a translator for Datorama that translates the UI data to a language that Datorama can understand.

As a marketer, you need to handle various media channels that provide a lot of marketing data. Each data channel is structured differently and has its own metrics. The challenge is using them together to get valuable business insights. Datorama’s data model allows you to connect all your data and analyze it. It empowers your business by bringing together a variety of marketing channels and data sources with no further customization required. There is no need to create a specific data model for every new data source that you connect to the system. The data model is predefined for every data source.

So how exactly is Datorama making our lives easier? The data can be injected into the system through various methods – the predominantly used means are API’s and the custom connector called as ‘TotalConnect’. Datorama has the capability to automatically identify the Data Stream Type based on the headers in the uploaded file. You can modify this or even create a customized Data Stream Type.

The purpose of using a data management platform gets fully accomplished if it’s able to serve you with an end-to-end business solution. Datorama exactly does the same in the Campaign Analytics Spectrum. Media Cost Centre is a feature that links both the strategy of the campaign – the Buysheet - with the actual performance, tracked using the various tracking tools. It stores all the campaign related information like the Budget, Flight period of the campaign, the Gross Rate, Rate type (What the billing is based on – Impressions, Clicks, Video Completions ….) etc. The spend is calculated automatically based on all of the above. Could it be any simpler!

Tracking campaign performance and shifting budgets, if required, is made easier with the Goal Tracking features. The Spend and other performance metrics are compared against the expected ‘planned’ numbers to see if the campaign derailed from the plan at any instance. With features like the automated triggers for any such occurrences and scheduled reports that would constantly notify us on the updated data of the campaign, Datorama limits our work to the initial setup. Once the set-up is complete, sit back and concentrate on the strategy for the campaign. The back-end work will be taken care by Datorama.

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