Klipfolio: TV Dashboard to monitor Marketing Campaign Performance

Ritu Nair Tembe – Associate Consultant


A marketing client required a real-time dashboard that would automatically update data at the back end and reflect across the visualizations. The required to display this on the TV with the most recent data for all to see.

The objectives of this dashboard were::

  • Monitoring Company Visits on their website
  • Traffic and activity trend over time
  • Identifying the most engaging content and traffic driving sources
  • Content performance
  • Email Channel performance

This dashboard was ideal for the Marketing Head to get an overview of the engagements and to identify potential clients.

Business Challenge

Manual Reporting:

Manually extracting the data from Adobe Analytics, internal Excel extracts and updating the repository files proved to be time consuming, not because of the data extraction process, but the reporting frequency. Refresh time was required to be less than 15 minutes, so as it update the visualizations in the dashboard with the latest data.


Our proposed solution was to build this dashboard in Klipfolio. Klipfolio has a large number of data connectors (API) which allows us to overcome the manual data extraction process. For sources with an API limitation, we could used email attachments as the data source. Klipfolio’s email attachment data source comes in handy in such cases. We can just email the data file to a Klipfolio address just the way data is shared across your peers in a team.

We could also set the data sources to refresh every 15 minutes which made the dashboard populate real-time data.


Klipfolio is a cloud based platform for data visualization. It has a significant number of built-in data connectors including Google Analytics and Google AdWords which allows us to extract data using the API connectors which eliminates the process of manual data extraction.


This dashboard would help the entire Marketing team understand the companies visiting their website and the content with which they are engaged. The team could also monitor the traffic on an hourly trend which could help understand the volume of the traffic and email campaign performances.

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