QlikSense: Construction Product Dashboard

Siddesh Gurusiddappa – Lead Consultant


Our client wanted a dashboard which they could sell as a Construction Activity product to different vendor such as Electric Vendors, Woodwork Vendors, Interior Vendors, etc and investors.

The objectives of this product dashboard were:

  • To help vendors understand the ongoing construction activity across India
  • Better understand project activities in different segments
  • The business trend over time
  • The profiles of builders and their project activities

This dashboard is ideal for vendors to make decisions on approaching the respective builders to apply the tenders for the respective works.

Business Challenge

Data was extracted from their internal Excel database which needed complex transformation and preparation. Custom dimensions needed to be defined that aligned with business objectives.

The main challenge here was that because this dashboard was a product, data control and security was of utmost importance. The client wanted control of when to allow access to users and when to revoke this access. Another requirement was seamless sharing of this dashboard.


Keeping in mind the requirements, our team proposed the most appropriate BI tool for this project: QlikSense. QlikSense has data transformation and visualization capabilities in a single tool. We could easily conduct the necessary data transformations and manipulate it to make the data visualization ready. Refreshing the data was easy since the data resided on the local system. QlikSense Cloud allowed the client to seamlessly share the product across users as per their requirement


This dashboard helped different vendors to monitor the construction activity across India over time, understand the progress on each project and see builder achievements.

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

Starts at $1500