Data Visualization

Gone are the days of chasing down reports from far-flung corners of your business. With Sparklore's services, data is served to you on a golden platter, so that your numbers always land up on the right side of your balance sheet. Automating the process of data visualization and integration like never before, we ensure every answer you need is never more than a click away. Our experts also help your employees become data wizards by training them to use BI tools effectively.

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As a leader, you want to keep your finger on the business pulse all the time, even when you’re not working. Having teamed up with Tableau, our experts deliver powerful dashboards that let you take and communicate key business decisions effectively. Sparklore leverages Tableau’s intuitive and interactive dashboards, so you can be sure you’re basing your decisions on data packed with insights.

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Any data is useful if it’s able to facilitate better and quicker decision making. Having teamed up with Qlik, a data discovery tool hosted on the cloud, we at Sparklore turn your data into an information powerhouse that lets you align key metrics with your strategic goals. Qlik’s dashboards integrate seamlessly with your data and deliver actionable insights at your fingertips – in seconds.

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If you’re looking to make on-the-fly decisions across multiple channels, Datorama dashboards might just be the right fit. Our team at Sparklore lets you make sense of your data whilst giving you more than just a holistic overview. We don’t stop at visualizing data - we start from there and tailor it to deliver exactly what matters most to you.

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When time is at a premium, chasing down information from far-flung spreadsheets and databases can be frustrating. Power BI's cloud-based dashboard lets you access interactive visualizations of your data - anytime, anywhere. It syncs to Outlook 365 and can be deployed across easily. Drill down on data to wire up and stay in the green on all the metrics you need to call the shots.

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With Klipfolio Dashboards, tracking and analyzing data becomes a walk in the park. This flexible, ready-to-implement platform ensures your data is measured, refined and optimized, so that your decisions are based on complete and up-to-date information. Klipfolio directly links to your data and gives you the most recent insights within seconds. You can even get real-time updates on your TV.

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Tracking data in real-time across multiple channels and platforms is the need of the hour. At Sparklore, our expert team leverages Domo’s sleek, cloud-based dashboards for data preparation, ETL and visualisation. With Domo’s extensive library of data connectors, you can monitor and optimize data from any channel to stay in total control. Domo has a social and collaborative edge over other platforms, allowing you to communicate data points across the team.

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Dashboard Automation

Automate & manipulate your data, organize it and make it tell a story that creates a real impact on your bottom-line.

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Dashboard Consulting

Solve complex business problems like analyzing KPIs, optimizing your teams’ efficiency or transitioning into a transformative BI tool that works best for you.

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High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

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