Data Automation

Data Automation is the need of the hour. It not only helps cut operational costs but also simplifies a business’ workflow for whom information exchange is critical at every stage. When you automate your data, you are able to free-up time and utilize it in areas that bring in more business and revenues.

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At Sparklore, we understand that data automation is more of a Business transformational process and so we make sure we address your automation needs when you are ready for the change. Our process is simple, smooth, tailor-made to your needs and the professionals behind our tools are skilled to anticipate even your future requirements.


The first step towards Dashboard Development is Data preparation. Sparklore leverages the Alteryx platform to facilitate the preparation, manipulation and automation of complex data to make it visualization ready. With Alteryx's automation, you will be able to read through hours of data within minutes, eliminating the need and risk of manual work.

Sparklore is specialized in building seamless workflows around your data. Alteryx connects seamlessly to Tableau to facilitate easy adoption of your traditional excel reporting, converting it into clean data and visualizations at the speed of thought.


Our in-house automation tool is built to read and integrate your existing data in a matter of seconds. Every step of our ETL process is customised to your requirements so that you get the most optimal results.

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

Starts at $1500