Dashboard Consulting

At the helm of every business decision is insights packed with data. Sparklore helps businesses design and develop dashboards that are tailor-made to your needs so that you can make the most out of your data. Our experts consult on a wide range of effective dashboard designing that will help you transform your data into actionable insights.

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KPI Workshop

It's critical for organizations to understand which numbers to keep track of and how to go about calculating them. Apart from technical assistance, we help you interpret your data and understand the metrics that matter. Our team of experts will help you identify, measure and manage industry-specific KPIs from your own dashboards.

User Adoption

In order to achieve scale, businesses need to add technology to their strategies. BI tools not only help you upgrade archaic processes but also let you develop reports quickly, saving hours in non-productive work. Our team at Sparklore suggests the best BI solution for your business and trains you on these tools so that you can derive the best results.

Dashboard Best Practices

We are experienced in the field of building dashboards across industries and follow a strict set of practices to optimize dashboard performance. We also help format your dashboard to suit your business theme. Attention to detail is something we religiously practice and our team ensures that data displayed on your dashboard is standardized.

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

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