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Domo is a new BI platform that focuses on social communication of insights. It helps leaders and management transform the way they manage their business through data.

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Domo’s self-service cloud platform is quickly becoming a strong contender in the BI industry. When they say their platform can serve as an “operating system for your business,” they mean it can provide insightful charts and visibility into all your data.

Domo’s dashboards provide a little more vibrance to the look and feel of your reports as well as a pleasant user experience. The platform offers a number of pre-built pages as templates that exist in their “App Store”. It self-assembles based on the kind of data you wish to connect to (Eg: Finance, Sales, Marketing etc.) and by just a mere drag-and-drop, you can build a custom visualization.

But what gives Domo the edge over some of the other tools is the ability to analyze and clean data before visualizing it. It offers a simplified ETL tool and a DataFusion option, allowing you to combine data from different sources. Domo has a vast library of connectors and you can connect to almost any data source. Domo then processes this data in the cloud, reducing load on your servers.

Domo offers a free, introductory package, but you can unlock much more with its paid editions. The levels are based on the number of users, support level and admin options.

Domo Editions

  • Starter (for small teams)
  • Professional (increased users, data, and admin control)
  • Enterprise (no limits, enterprise-grade controls) – Offers unlimited storage, data sets, custom data permissions and advanced admin controls.

Why Domo?

  • Domo's Buzz is a chat feature within the platform that allows you to communicate with users and comment on data points.
  • Domo's AppStore holds a variety of pre-generated templates that directly connects to your data and immediately generates the most effective visualisations.
  • A vast library of connectors is available for use.
  • ETL of data can be done within the web-based platform to transform data for better insights.
  • Drill-downs for cards allows users to slice and dice data to generate insights from complex data.

Sample Dashboards

Domo Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Customer Value

Domo Sales Dashboard

Product Sales

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