Tableau Dashboards

Tableau is a unique BI dashboard tool that helps businesses to quickly analyze, visualize and share information. With more than 21,000 accounts Tableau is one of the leading tools when it comes to build fast, accurate and appealing dashboards for making business decisions. Sparklore has deep expertise in Tableau implementation, customization, integration and management for your specific business requirements.

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Why Tableau?

Quick To Implement

Quick To Implement

Unlike the traditional dashboard solutions, Tableau makes its users self-reliant. Easy to use and decipher, everyone can get insights from the data at speed of thought. With it's drag and drop interface, anyone can be an analyst. Cross-portfolio visibility allows you to identify and uncover relationships between the data. It proves to be an extension of your existing IT infrastructure by implementing it throughout the organization.



Tableau comes with in-memory architecture which allows live data analysis from different data sources or data warehouse and also allows deep dive analytics or blending of data with ease.

Visually Appealing

Visually Appealing

Tableau dashboards offer multiple views, are highly interactive, have easy filters, and offer insights in a single view through use of beautiful visualizations, optimized color schemes, automatic chart types and elegant designs. with ease.

Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

Tableau allows you to conduct dynamic data filtering, trend splitting across categories, in-depth cohort analysis, geographic analysis, trend analysis, regression analysis, correlations, statistical summaries, and a lot more. It gives you full control to manage and slice your data the way you like.

Multitude of DataSources

Multitude of Data Sources

Tableau can connect virtually to almost any data source to give immediate insights with its dynamic reports. The list of sources is quite comprehensive and will connect any type of data to this single BI platform.

Why Sparklore ?

  • Tableau integration and migration:

    Sparklore will help you assess your analytics requirements and connect the key data sources with Tableau. We will migrate your old data and other dashboard tools to build a single platform for all your business specific BI needs.

  • Get the metrics you want:

    Though multiple data formats can be integrated into the system, the next step of getting the exact reports that you want, requires configuration and customization. We customize Tableau to the hilt to offer you precise charts and graphs and nothing more.

  • Powerful Visualizations:

    Not only can we customize the look and feel to meet your branding standards, we also offer unique ways to represent your data so that you can get a clear picture of the business scenario in just one glance.

The Sparklore Advantage

Sparklore offers you a powerful combo of design, engineering, and analytics to deliver highly accurate and insightful dashboards that help you make timely data-centric decisions. We are the dashboard people we are among the first few in the industry who have pioneered the art and science of designing dashboards that speak volumes in a brief glance. We have designed thousands of practical and useful dashboards for hundreds of our clients. With our hand on the pulse of the digital analytics industry, we will be the right partner for you for Tableau dashboard creation and customization services.

Sample Dashboards

Customer Value Analysis Dashboard

Customer Value Analysis

English Premier League Dashboard

English Premier League

Procurement Dashboard


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