Executive Dashboards

KPI Dashboards to help you Call the Big Shots

As a Leader, you want to cut through the noise of reporting and drill down to the metrics that matter! While your experience is unparalleled, you still need data to support smarter and quicker decisions.

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Do More with Less

With Sparklore's Executive Dashboard solutions, you can skim through a host of data and deliver critical decisions that will drive better results. All this is simplified even more, when you have access to your dashboard anywhere. This is how:

  • Filter, sort and only view the data that matters to your Role
  • Mitigate risks and identify gaps, all in a flash of a minute
  • Make decisions on the fly with real-time analytics

We understand that your time is valuable. So with Sparklore's Executive Dashboard solutions, you are not only empowered with relevant data insights but also with trends that ensure you stay on top of your business goals.

  • Track KPIs when you need them - daily, monthly or quarterly
  • Visualize key financial metrics like Year-on-Year Revenues & Costs including Headcount
  • Measure the performance of your sales funnel - daily, monthly or quarterly

Your KPI Dashboard is your one-stop solution to view ancillary dashboards from across the board of ERP systems (SAS, Azure, Oracle & Quickbooks) in the organisation to support your Executive decisions.

Dashboard Sample

When it all boils down to the numbers, Sparklore's KPI dashboard template is designed to deliver realtime insights on sales and performance, so that you are in the know of how to move your business forward. It is programmed for you to stay ahead of the game, effortlessly.

  • Understand the reason for growth or dip in your sales
  • Analyse your gross profit margins
  • Measure your ROI per channel
Executive Sales Dashboard

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

Starts at $1500