Operations Dashboards

Operations Dashboards that optimize your workflow

To ensure your business runs smoothly, you need to perform incisive operational health-checks constantly - down to the last mile. Stay in the green with key tasks, goals and schedules organised by department.

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Match your data to your people

Sparklore’s Operations Dashboard brings together your people and data, so that you have a holistic view of your business. It lets you plug operational gaps before the cracks widen.

  • Track tasks, schedules and goals by the hour
  • Benchmark your business efficiencies with industry standards
  • Communicate your company’s health indicators to leadership and make timely corrections

To drive better results, your data needs to be made available and reliable. With Sparklore’s Operations Dashboard, you can breathe easy knowing that your decisions are based on accurate KPIs:

  • Impressions, Clicks & Bounce
  • Customer engagement site metrics

Our Operations Dashboard syncs data from all your operations sources so that you can connect the dots and deliver insightful decisions:

  • Workfront
  • Quickbase
  • Trello
  • BaseCamp and more

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When it comes to optimizing your IT operations’ efficiency, chasing reports is the last thing you want to do. Sparklore’s IT Operations Dashboard is designed to drive your team’s productivity, effortlessly.

  • Analyse department-wise case studies
  • Identify red-flags in your operations workflow
  • Monitor all your project schedules in one place
Operations Dashboard

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

Starts at $1500