Sales Dashboards

Sales Dashboards to spot patterns in your sales funnel

You’re the lifeline of any business, so it’s in everyone’s interest that you are able to read and infer from data across the sales pipeline.

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From Forecast to Delivery

Sparklore’s Sales Dashboard lets you tie the loose ends from the top of your sales funnel right down to deal closing stage. Study, analyse and interact with your sales data to meet pipeline quotas.

  • Watch out for sales performance and make fixes where needed
  • Identify grey areas, mitigate risks and manage your quotas
  • Forecast your sales according to the trends you analyse

Your Sales Dashboard breathes life into critical numbers that are part of any business’ progress sheet:

  • Revenue -Conversions
  • Open and Closed Leads

Our Sales Dashboard will let you connect to your other CRM data and provide up-to-speed metrics on your sales:

  • SalesForce
  • InsideSales
  • Eloqua

Dashboard Sample

As a Salesperson, your job is to grow your business. You need data that will support your decisions at every stage in your sales funnel and in between sales periods.

  • Get visibility right from lead generation to sale
  • Measure your conversion rate over time
  • Study the status of open versus closed inquiries
Product Sales Dashboard

High-Impact dashboard. Fast and affordable.

Starts at $1500